From the outside, the Los Angeles nightclub known as the King King doesn't look like the launching pad for a major label band.

Located on the corner of 6th and La Brea, the red and green former Chinese restaurant has a mere 12-by-15-foot stage and practically no sight lines.

But house band the Red Devils hits the streets tomorrow with its Def American debut album titled "King King" in tribute to the club that for three years hosted a hot Monday night jam that has attracted the likes of Mick Jagger, the Black Crowes, Peter Wolf and Bruce Willis, all lured by the Red Devils' particular brand of Chicago-style blues.

Def American founder Rick Rubin saw the magic behind the gritty sounds of harpist/vocalist Lester Butler, guitarist Dave Lee Bartel, bassist Johnny Ray Bartel and drummer Bill Bateman (latter formerly of the Blasters) and pursued the band each Monday, despite a few obstacles the Red Devils put in his way.

"We didn't know who he was for the first couple of weeks," says Buttler. "He asked for a tape and we didn't have one. He came back a couple of times asking, but we really didn't have it together."

The band's goals were equally askew at the time, according to Butler, "I thought we'd get to be a happening blues band, travel and do bars," he says. "I didn't think we would get signed on a major." But now that they've arrived? "I like this a lot better.