In another part of town, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, the two guys who played Bill and Ted, respectively, in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, are sitting at the bar at King King getting loaded. They are drinking sake and beer and listening to a polyglot group of guys - white guys with shaved heads and baseball caps, black guys with tiny dreadlocks, Asian guys - jamming a king of loud, impromptu rap-funk music on a closet-sized stage in the corner of what used to be a small, boxy Chinese restaurant but is now a black hole-in-the-wall with a tacky blue Formica bar in the center and a smattering of packed café tables along both sides.

Everyone is grooving, including Dark Children of the Night against the wall, the Pale Chicks in Black - P.C.B.'s, they're called - in the corner and the beautiful, curly-headed-woman in jeans and a T-shirt who, two barstools down from Reeves and his excellent friend, lets her fringed jacket fall seductively from her shoulders as she slowly shimmies in their direction.

Girls dressed in secondhand deb dresses from the Sixties stare openmouthed across the bar at these two young, sloshed men, but Reeves and Winter seem to make a point of not looking back. They're obviously here not for the women but for the booze and the music, which occasionally puts Reeves over the edge, so that he can't help but pick up on air bass, pluck out a few notes and wag his head furiously, dangerously close up to the bar top, his hair almost becoming a mop for spilled beer.