The LA Dish - "Taking the Jesus Pill" Easy to Swallow

The LA Dish - "Taking the Jesus Pill" Easy to Swallow

August 29, 2006

Your vitamin regimen just gets more and more complicated. First, there was Vitamin C. Because Mom said so. Then there was Vitamin E to combat cancer and, more importantly, premature aging. Because Cosmo said so. Then folic acid. And then the anti-oxidant water booster. And now...

'Time to add "Jesus Pill" to your lineup. Because it rocks.

"Taking the Jesus Pill," playing at King King Hollywood, is unlike any other stage show. In Hollywood or beyond. Although billed as a "Southern Gothic rock opera," the play/musical/opera/circus/seemingly Anne Rice-inspired burlesque show defies classification, bringing a little of everything to the table except the mundane.

Both spiritual and irreverent, writer/creator Charlie Terrell's multimedia spectacle invites the audience on a journey about religion, incest, redemption and, of course, snake handling in the Deep South -- punctuated with kick-ass blues music from The Mojo Monkeys and hot dance moves from the Preacher's garter-clad groupies.

Standouts include actor Michael Childers as the deliciously megalomaniacal Preacher, as well as the bar-top showdown between the Preacher and Johnny 3:16 (portrayed by actor Brandon Karrer), in which they sling bible verses instead of bullets, yet manage to land plenty of stinging blows.

For the best seat in the house? The Dish recommends arriving early and saddling up to the bar, which not only guarantees a constant flow of libations (heavily encouraged both on and off the stage), but also a prime view of many of the show's best scenes -- for which you will want to move your drink, or else incur the wrath of the Preacher's Satan-channelin' dancin' shoes.

To not add the subversively entertaining "Jesus Pill" to your Wednesday night regimen, would be sinful indeed.

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