Burn & the Bathing Beauty

Burn & the Bathing Beauty

October 16, 2006

The Lost Angels Ballet is a new company created to change and open the diminishing audience of ballet in Los Angeles. LAB was formed to tell new stories using classical technique and modern music. Burn and The Bathing Beauty, the first ballet, is a Halloween Ballet for the wicked.

Burn, based on the Salem Witch Trials, is the story of three young girls who are exhaustedly bored from their puritan society and venture out beyond acceptable boundaries, only to find that their behavior is unforgivable and the punishments are severe.

The Bathing Beauty - Elizabeth Bathory, the Queen of Hungary in the late 1600's appeared noble in the eyes of her country, yet she was quite the opposite. Her vanity and boredom led to the merciless torture and death of 621 women. She would bathe in the blood of her virgin servants believing it to be the elixir of youth - earning her title of the first vampire.

Burn and the Bathing Beauty will open October 30th at the King King in Hollywood.

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