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Long Legs + tousled hair + erotic dance numbers = Sexy French Cabaret

June 1, 2006

If '60s sexpot Brigitte Bardot were in a show at the Moulin Rouge, this is how. Imagine the outcome: long legs, tousled hair, perfect round tushes, provocative costumes, erotic dance numbers. Et voila! Entre vous.

The show opens with seven girls dressed in army jackets and high-heeled Mary Jane's dancing to the title song from the Broadway hit, "Cabaret"; soon they're doing the cancan in black lingerie, and a futon-defiling take on Portishead's "Glory Box" is not far, um, behind. Between scenes, former model Gregg interacts with the audience in both French and English, sometimes asking uncomfortable questions like "How do you keep it down?" (The best answer that night we attended was "I have someone take care of it for me.") Some of our favorite scenes are set to '60's pop songs, like the adorable routine "Hello Hello" (Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin), where the girls prance around like Lolitas in pastel bikinis. But the most breathtaking act takes place in total darkness, with a solo tap-dance routine that gets faster and faster and louder and louder until it sounds like…well, you know. But its not cigarette time yet, not before the beautiful blonde scales her way up two bolts of red fabric, intertwines her feet and hands upside down high above the audience. Ooh la la!

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