Various Press Quotes on L'effleur Des Sens (October 7, 2006)

Various Press Quotes on L'effleur Des Sens

October 7, 2006

Jean's seven women make strong individual statements even when identically undressed, but they're alike in using their long legs with the precision of surgeons slicing into repressed psyches.
Eurohunk Gregg oozes onto the large runway followed by seven gorgeous female dancers who quickly prove that they are not only sexy but extremely well-trained in a variety of dance techniques.
I thought it was quite sexy and funny. A great place to take a date or for a boys night out.
Los Angeles' best kept secret.
If '60's sexpot Brigitte Bardot were in a show at the Moulin Rouge, this is how. Imagine the outcome: long legs, tousled hair, perfect round tushes, provocative costumes, erotic dance numbers. Et voila!
High-energy, great music and choreography and tons of personality. For my first-ever Cabaret experience it was really great - and at one hour, exactly the right length to encourage me to try the genre again without hesitation.
The woman managed to be hot and sensual and absolutely appealing to both sexes without being compromising or coming off like a glorified strip-tease which some other burlesque shows around town can often feel like.
This show is perfect at about an hour long. Highly recommended.
The show is artistically daring and sinfully indulgent. The skilled performers pull off intense theatrics with precision as they physically display the erotic showcase.

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