LA Times - L'effleur des Sens

LA Times - L'effleur des Sens

October 16, 2006

The King King nightclub on Hollywood Blvd is now home to the French-styled Cabaret, L'EFFLEUR DES SENS. A visual seduction that has audiences coming back for more week after week. Be there on Thursday, October 26th at 9pm, to see the ladies of L'effleur in their SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EVENT! Featuring the fine art of JL Robbins and the body art of Nelly Recchia.

L'EFFLEUR DES SENS caresses the senses and arouses the imagination on Thursdays at the King King. Eight professional, well-disciplined dancers from around the world come together under the direction of Cati Jean to give a performance that is both electrifying and artistically moving. Inspired by French variety cabaret, Ms. Jean combines beauty, strength, and mystery to create a powerful story on stage. "I want to flirt with my audiences' imagination by introducing them to a world of visual artistry." Using shapes and clean lines to create picturesque movement and profound images, Ms. Jean has found a way to entice the mind and exhilarate the heart rate all at the same time.

Cati Jean's cast is comprised of dancers who are individually successful on stage and in film & television. These dancers have performed with musical artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney; performing in featured films 'You Got Served', 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', Ocean's 11 and Charlie's Angel and this summer's upcoming Gap commercial as well as new music videos for Evanescence and My Chemical Romance. Joining the already impressive lineup, the King King is happy to have special guests to spin funk, soul and world music after the show at 10:30pm till close.

Check out L'EFFLEUR DES SENS Soundtrack through iTunes iMix by searching the Music Store for, "L'effleur des Sens."

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