URB - The Return of the Moulin Rouge (L'effleur Des Sens)

URB - The Return of the Moulin Rouge (L'effleur Des Sens)

May 11, 2007

Every (other) Thursday, Hollywood has their own underground burlesque act. Wait, before you say anything, I am not referring to the adult shops on every corner; and I am definitely not referring to the gentlemen’s club two blocks west of Highland.

No, it’s a (bi)weekly French cabaret act known as L'effleur des Sens at the King King in Hollywood . It’s an underground Moulin Rouge where girls in skimpy lingerie position themselves in very seductive poses and treat the guys (and girls) to a erotic, while very tasteful, striptease. This is a kind of show where private fetishes are released while not making it seem like a sleazy strip club.

Anytime you need to watch a provocative show before hitting the clubs, take a trip to this cabaret (before the summer ends).

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